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Your Imaginary Friend, plays dance-able, hum-able, strum-able get out your drum-able tunes. Seattle musicians, Jana Vitols (vocalist & early childhood music educator) and Greg Ruby (jazz guitarist and composer) combine their diverse backgrounds to create a vibrant album for young children and their families. The album criss-crosses genres tipping its hat to the Tin Pan Alley era with the original "Oh My," laying down a New Orleans 2nd line rhythm in "Alabama Mississippi," and creating a sonic impersonation of a farmyard in "Old McDonald," performed with 8 guitar parts multi-tracked Les Paul style. Songs feature vocals, banjo, guitar, tuba, ukulele, drums, banjo-uke, toy piano, music box and more!

Your Imaginary Friend - Available on iTunes Your Imaginary Friend - Available on iTunes

Greg and Jana have made a sweet and soulful album for kids. My two-year old dances like crazy to the up-tempo singing, animal sounds and the fun, creatively arranged instrumentals. Laura Veirs, Musician