Winner! 2013 ParentMap Golden Teddy Awards

A Happy Birthday!!!

Children's musical birthday parties are full of singing, dancing and playing instruments! I play a handful of acoustic instruments myself, (ukulele, banjo-uke, guitar, banjo or violin) and share small percussion instruments with the children. I incorporate birthday themes, with songs about baking cakes and blowing balloons or work with a child's preferred theme. Some children's ideas I've worked into songs and games have been Dinosaur, Kitty, Rodeo, Old McDonald's Farm, and Aquarium themed parties. I usually can work in a requested song or two if a child has a favorite. Typically parents join in the fun to sing and dance along. I bring enough props that keep the littlest ones attentions, scarves, egg shakers, rhythm sticks or puppets.

Performing for dozens of parties, I've honed in on musical games that are sure fire winners with the young ones. Many families choose to culminate their parties with "Happy Birthday" sing-a-long style!

Please drop a note to contact Jana for scheduling and availability...

Want a band to whoop it up with...check out Your Imaginary Friend! Invite them to your next shindig and they'll bring more instruments than you can shake a stick at.